Our Difference

When we launched the franchise opportunity to like-minded business owners, we wanted to assure protection of the brand name.  We have been and always will be, forward focused, not just on the trade name but also cultivating the coverage area for our niche cleaning services.  We aim to give our franchisees the best advantage in the market and in 2017 the Green Steam name changed to NEXClean. The new brand name communicates a better message of the services that we provide, and allows for a more comprehensive understanding of our offerings.


NEXClean is proud to be on the forefront of environmentally friendly technologies and solutions for various deep cleaning applications. We focus on water based solutions so we can reduce the dependency on hazardous cleaning chemicals in the patient care setting. We are also drastically reducing water usage by using technologies that only use 8-10 gallons of water over the course of an 8 hour shift.


NEXClean offers it’s customers a unique tracking application that allows them to get real time feedback on the deep cleaning initiatives of our crews. Through a partnership with Asset Panda, we developed a software that is customized to our business services. Our customers are able to track every piece of equipment that we clean in their facility, and coordinate efforts to maximize productivity during our regularly scheduled services.